Why Book Your Newborn Session Before Your Baby is Born?

Most newborn and baby Photographers, including myself, keep reminding our clients to book their sessions way ahead of time – best during your last trimester. What’s the reason for this? Why bother booking early when you can always book last minute?

What most clients do not realize is that our work as Photographers do not only begin and end on the day of the session that you reserved. Our work actually starts by the time you have secured your booking and only partially ends by the time your gallery has been delivered.

Once your booking has been confirmed, I already start planning for your session. My sessions involve a number of props, and because my services are done in-home, I usually have to anticipate how I can still do beautifully styled sessions even while working in small spaces in clients’ homes. Prior each session, I test setups that I can use, and do it over and over again until I am satisfied to make sure that on the day of the session styling in limited spaces is one less thing I have to think about.

Booking early also gives me time to prepare everything that will be needed for your session. It provides me some time to order or make any other prop that I would be needing based on your color preference. Yes, some props used for your sessions are lovingly handmade by me. All these I do in between editing and shooting sessions for other clients.

To add to that, securing your date early also ensures that you have a spot reserved for you once the baby arrives. Know that I can only accept a limited number of sessions a month and spots easily get filled weeks in advance. Non-shooting days are dedicated to other tasks such as editing of images from other sessions, preparing galleries, and even washing those delicate newborn props that were used in previous sessions. Booking a newborn session requires a lot more work than you think so I limit the number sessions I accept to ensure that I can still deliver galleries on time.

You may be worried that your selected session date may in turn be too early or too late in case your baby was born a few weeks early or has to spend some time in NICU. Do not fret as, upon booking, we will reserve a time frame for you and finalize your schedule once the baby has arrived.

Fin-Heart Stacy-DSC_4004
Heart’s mom booked her session a few days before she turned one month and we scheduled her session as soon as possible.

I understand that sometimes life happens and you may have been too busy with work, your pregnancy, kids, and other tasks and booking a session is the last thing on your mind. If you happen to have stumbled upon my page and your baby has already been born, please do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll do my best to squeeze you in my schedule.



Felted Layers

There will never be an unproductive day when you’re a Newborn and Baby Photographer. On non-shooting days, if I am already done editing images from recent shoots, I get time to do DIY projects such as needle felting. (I have so many projects in mind that I want to do and this is just one of them. Haha)

I have been wanting to have those soft and fluffy wool rugs to use for my shoots and got to do it now because I have plenty of available time. In a span of one week, I was able to make two fluffy felted layers – one rectangular and one circular – and a needle felted heart, which I can use for the next baby girls and boys I will be photographing soon.

With my first attempt, I used 260g of peach chunky wool yarn and 30″x60″ felt fabric.


It took me two days (working about at least 14 hours) to finish this peach layer. If I were busy with something else and were only working on it a few hours a day, it could have taken me at least a week. Below is the finished product and a simple sample setup.

Can you just imagine how fluffy and soft this is? 🙂

For my second attempt, I tried using two 260g chunky yarns – white and blue – as I find the blue yarn too bright. The white served to tone down the brightness of the blue yarn a bit. For this I used 60″x60″ of felt fabric which I trimmed to a circle.


Needle felting is such an easy thing to do but this task is not for the impatient. After my second attempt, I learned that patience is the key to get a consistent quality and thickness of the outcome you are aiming for. It is also important to have a consistent spacing of the wool yarn on the felt fabric so that the thickness is even throughout.

Thinking about it, I could always try to find someone who sells these felted layers (and of course that would be easier, though, more expensive) but it is more rewarding when I get to finish some of my props on my own. Plus, I could customize the colors, design and size to how I want it to be (or what the clients want).

I finally was able to finish the blue felted layer in 5 days, working about 30 hours in total, and sometimes takes me until 3am of needle felting. But hey! I love this one so much and I’d say it’s worth it. Below is a sample setup:

As a bonus, I made this felted heart to go with this blue felted layer. I know it’s far from perfect but I am liking it.


I am scheduled to make at least 3 more of these felted layers – and bigger versions, too, with dimensions as huge as 60″x90″. With the time it took for me to finish these two smaller felted layers, it may take me at least one week of continuous needle felting to finish one of the bigger versions (and that is, if my time is dedicated to needle felting alone).

Looking at the felted layers I made, I thought maybe I could make and sell these on days I do not have sessions. Hehe. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think. 🙂